Membership in Brandeis National Committee (BNC), Sarasota Chapter, is a fun and stimulating way to expand your horizons and meet people! Browse through this website. We warmly welcome new members (both women and men) to join our active, intellectually stimulating,  social community of interested and interesting people. (See Membership Information, President's Welcome Message and A Note from the BNC Study Group Vice Presidents re: Study Groups and Events.) Once you join, you will start receiving our BNC BUZZ emails.

Brandeis National Committee  (BNC)  offers lifelong learning groups, presentations, local excursions, and culinary adventures via local Chapters. For 2021/22, the BNC Sarasota Chapter is offering a hybrid format of Zoom and in-person programming, with a wide variety of special events, study group program series and individual study groups, tours and outings. Some are “oldies but goodies” while others are new to our chapter. See BNC Study Groups - Overview for what is involved in attending a Study Group and plan to attend our BNC Sarasota Showcase of Coming Attractions October 22nd on ZOOM. (If you are new to Zoom, click here.)

BNC Sarasota publishes a digital (pdf format) Handbook. Click here  to view or download the BNC Program Handbook 2021-2022  which contains all the information about our programs, study groups, sign up forms, etc. which you can keep on your electronic device.

This website contains the same information that is in the Handbook. See Table of Contents cross-reference for mapping of Handbook to this Website. Note that Registration Forms referenced in the Handbook by page can be found in the Menu  under Contact > Registration Forms.

BNC is a non-profit, non-sectarian, national organization with 41 chapters and over 22,000 members. BNC Sarasota has over 300 members. BNC profits benefit scholarships, research, and the libraries at Brandeis University. You do not need to be a Brandeis University graduate to join BNC Sarasota.