There are so many fabulous Study Groups this year!

We have organized them by presentation method:  series (groups with multiple sessions) or individual sessions. Please note that some will be in-person while others will be via ZOOM. We will have a Showcase of Coming Attractions on ZOOM October 22nd where program chairs will go over the study groups and special events.

Only BNC members who purchase a 2021-2022 study group number may attend study groups and outings.

                Follow These Steps:
1. Annually, renew/join as a BNC Basic member (see Membership).
2. Annually, register and pay for a Study Group Number. (See BNC Study Group # & Registration Form.) Your study group number will be emailed to you.
3. Include payment for any groups/outings you want to attend that have additional fees. (See BNC Study Group # & Registration Form.) Checks should be sent to
Ingrid Bookbinder, 231 Fairway Isles Lane
Bradenton FL 34212
4. After receiving your study group number, email the registrar of each group you plan to attend. Include your name, phone, your email address, and your study group number.

Questions and Answers

May I attend more than one study group? Yes. With a study group number, you may go to as many study
groups as you would like. A few groups have additional fees or limited capacity.

What are the additional fees for? Admissions, Food, and/or Supplies

When does Study Group registration begin? Registration begins when the handbook is received by members, on or about September 10, 2021.

What is the guest policy? Guests and BNC Basic members without a study group # may attend only 1 session of one study group. Please join BNC and get a study group number to enjoy these groups and activities. For BNC policies concerning out-of-town guests, please contact Linda Brown—

Who are the presenters, moderators, and registrars? Presenters are subject matter experts; many are BNC members. Moderators facilitate discussions so that groups run smoothly. Registrars keep a list of registrants, send reminders, take attendance and, when applicable, send the Zoom links and run the Zoom Meetings. Please lend a hand and volunteer.