This Website contains the same information as the Handbook. This table cross-references the Handbook's Table of Contents to the Website.

Handbook to Website Cross Reference
Handbook Table of ContentsWebsite
Note From Linda Brown, PresidentPresident’s Message
BNC MissionBNC Mission Statement
Note from your Study Group VPsA Note from the BNC Study Group Vice Presidents
New to ZOOM?New to ZOOM?
BNC Special Special EventsSpecial Events
BNC Study Group InformationBNC Study Groups
BNC Sarasota Showcase of Coming AttractionsShowcase of Coming Attractions – Oct. 22 ZOOM
BNC Study Group Program SeriesBNC Study Group Program-Series
BNC Single Study Group Programs, Tours and OutingsBNC Single Study Group Programs, Tours and Outings
Study Group Number and Registration FormBNC Study Group # & Registration Form
Community/Social Justice Volunteer OpportunitiesSocial Justice Volunteer Opportunities
Joining a BNC CommitteeJoin a BNC Committee
Tribute CardsBNC Tribute Cards
Fundraising CampaignBNC Fundraising Campaign
Program Monthly CalendarsCalendar
Board of Directors/ Committee ChairsBNC Sarasota Board of Directors & Committee Chairs