An exceptional opportunity as we get back to our new normal:
Welcome to our Hybrid Season!!!

BNC cares about ensuring that while we are all trying to recover from what has been quite a tumultuous year, we continue to offer the best catalog of fabulous programming, especially curated with your health and well-being in mind.

As such, we have created a hybrid season whereby many of our study groups will still be held via Zoom but, happily we will now be able to offer a number of outdoor programs and outings where we will have the opportunity not only to engage in some wonderful activities, but also have fun in person, once again, enabling us to network, schmooze and generally catch up with each other!

BNC Basic Membership:

• Every year you must renew your Basic BNC Membership.
2021/22 BNC Membership fee: $60/person; $100/couple
• Please pay on-line:
• Or send a check to:
Brandeis National Committee
Bernstein-Marcus 73-200 MS132
415 South St.
Waltham, MA 02453
If you have any questions, please call BNC at 781-736- 4190 or email

Your basic membership includes being able to participate in BNC National on-line Zoom events, which, in some cases, may require an additional fee.

BNC Study Group Fees:

Participating in Brandeis National Committee (BNC) Sarasota Chapter Study Groups and Special Events is a fun and stimulating way to expand your horizons and engage with like-minded people.

This season, we are offering our Study Groups fee for $40 /person or $70/couple. This is the absolute best deal in town and is lower than our 2019 rates!!!!

To sign up for your Study Group membership, please complete the form at BNC Study Group # & Registration Form  and send a check to BNC for $40.00 or $70.00 to our treasurer,
Ingrid Bookbinder 231 Fairway Isles Lane, Bradenton, FL 34212.
You will receive a study group number by return email.

Please note that some of our special events and tours may require additional fees which cover the cost of materials and in some cases, entry fees. However, certain tours and restaurant meals will be on a “pay as you go” or “pay for what you order” basis. We might add programs and/or excursions, which may require additional “pay as you go” fees. Look for your monthly BNC BUZZ for updates!

For membership information, please contact our Membership VP’s
Toni Rowitz, 847-334-8600 or
Joan Gastman, 941-907-0056
Or go to