Keep your mind active while meeting interesting people.


There are 29 fabulous study groups this year! Keep your mind active, meet interesting people, learn, share, discuss, get out of the houseand away from the cookie jar.

Only BNC members who purchase a 2019-2020 study group number may attend study groups and outings.

Follow these Steps OR Sign up at SHOWCASE event on November. 15, 2019

  1. Annually, renew/join as a BNC Basic member. (Click here to go to Membership Registration Form and instructions.)

  1. Annually, pay for a Study Group Number. (Click here to go to Study Group Number & Add'l Fee Form.) Your study group number will be e-mailed to you.

  1. The flat rate Study Group Number fee covers most, but not all, study groups. Make payment(s) for any groups/outings you want to attend that have additional fees. (Click here to go to Study Group Number & Add'l Fee Form.)

  2. After receiving your study group number, email the registrar of each group you plan to attend. Include your name, phone number, and your study group number.

Questions and Answers regarding Study Groups

  • May I attend more than one study group?
    • Yes. With a study group number, you may go to as many study groups as you would like. A few groups have additional fees or limited capacity.
  • What are the additional fees for?
    • Admissions, Food, and/or Supplies
  • When does Study Group registration begin?
    • Registration begins on October 1, 2019. Many BNC members find it convenient to register at SHOWCASE on November 15th.
  • What is the guest policy?
    • Guests and BNC Basic members without a study group # may attend only 1 session of 1 study group. Please join BNC and get a study group number to enjoy these groups and activities. For BNC policies concerning out-of-town guests, please contact Becky Miller,
  • Who are the presenters, moderators, and registrars?
    • Presenters are subject matter experts; many are BNC members. Moderators facilitate discussions so that groups run smoothly. Registrars keep a list of registrants, send reminders, and take attendance. Please lend a hand and volunteer.

Share your ideas for future groups and excursions

Do you have a topic of interest to discuss? A locale to  tour?  A restaurant to enjoy together?  Would you like to join the Planning Committee?

Call Rhoda Goldberg, 941-400-6363, or Maris Marguiles, 941-757-3012,